Alicudi, Eolie
Porto, biglietteria, Casa Mulino
Lungomare e piazzetta

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The Casa Mulino hotel residence is a typical Aeolian building overlooking the small port of Alicudi, originally built as a fisherman’s house of the old Ericusa (ancient name of Alicudi). The property has been recently renovated preserving the old Aeolian architecture and divided into comfortable rooms and apartments with independent bathrooms and sea view. Located a few meters from the beach and a hundred meters from the shops and restaurants of the island, it offers the possibility of truly experiencing the sea. From the covered terraces you can admire the Sicilian coast, the other Aeolian islands and the old slipway “Pantalucci”.
The apartments in the residence are two-room apartments with 4 beds; the 2-bed rooms are rented with a hotel formula.
BOOK ALICUDI HOTEL RESIDENCE CASA MULINO. It offers basic hotel services and offers some rooms with views of the sea and the picturesque landscapes of the island. Holiday apartments are available, available for short-term stays. These can be a great option if you prefer a more independent and private accommodation experience.




Destination for those who want to escape from the city, an ideal destination to spend comfortable holidays in a clean sea, in the tranquility and sun of Alicudi.
Alicudi is one of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily and is known for its natural beauty and the tranquility it offers to its inhabitants and tourists. Although it is not as touristically developed as some of the other Aeolian Islands such as Lipari or Salina, there are some accommodations available in Alicudi to satisfy visitors.
With an extension of 5.2 km2 it is the sixth largest of the islands of the Aeolian Archipelago. Its ancient name, Ericusa (flowered with heather), is linked to the mantle of heather that covers it in spring in stark contrast to the black of the rocks. Alicudi is an ancient extinct volcano that rises on a platform located 1000 meters below sea level, and has the shape of a cone with a height of 675 meters.
The western and northern slopes are steep, crossed by gullies and sparse vegetation. The south-eastern side hosts artificial terraces and small groups of houses located at various heights.
In Alicudi, the main residential areas are: at sea level Perciato and Porto; in the intermediate range: Tonna and Fucile. At the top: San Bartolo, Pianicello, and Montagna. The island is permanently inhabited by around eighty residents who are called “arcudari”.
The island of Alicudi is the westernmost of the Aeolian Islands, 20 km from Filicudi. The closest centers are: Lipari at 47 km, Milazzo at 81 km, Cefalu’ (in the province of Palermo) at 61 km.
The island can be reached daily all year round by ship and hydrofoil with embarkation in Milazzo. In high season the hydrofoil connection from the port of Palermo is added.

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Remember that Alicudi is a remote and less touristy destination than some of the other Aeolian Islands, so accommodation may be limited, and it’s a good idea to book in advance if you plan to visit during the peak tourist season. Also, prepare for a simpler, more rustic experience than more developed tourist destinations.

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